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Little Adventures at Home

During this strange time we’ve been looking for Little Adventures at home, inside and out, here’s one of our favourites . . . more coming soon!

Puzzle hunt

A puzzle hunt is our family's name for a selection of mini games that each reveal a clue for the location of the next game, leading to some ‘treasure’ at the end! The games can be varied to suit your child’s interests and stages, perhaps a pirate theme, number games, a nature trail or mission to find cheeky teddies! A typical puzzle hunt for us includes a map with some ‘landmarks’, my children enjoy having funny names for everyday things on the map. Our new tradition has become to have a puzzle hunt every Friday and the children look forward to it all week!

We find that 4 or 5 different clues makes for a fun hunt before anyone gets tired! My 4 and 7 year olds work together (mostly!) to find the treasure and I include a game each especially suited to them. Younger ones might need a grown up or sibling to help them out. For little ones who aren’t reading yet, it’s fun to draw pictures and ask them to think of a location/item that rhymes with the picture, to find the next clue!

Here are some of our favourite puzzle hunt games:

*  My 4 year old is learning numbers and his name, so I attach the letters or numbers 1 - 10 onto little vehicles and when he steers them into the right order, they reveal the next clue.
*  We have some little lettered beads, it’s fun to bury them in the soil, or under cushions inside, to be unearthed and put together to spell the next clue.
*  Hiding funny or out of place items e.g. in a tree, when the items are found they each have part of a clue on them.
*  Rhymes to work out and find the next clue, e.g. “The next clue will be found, somewhere in the ground … somewhere you go when you want to grow yummy things to eat!” (Not very poetic, but I've used this for a clue hidden in our vegetable patch!)
* Hiding letters or cut out pictures to collect, perhaps these could spell out a word when put together.
* Model animals, letter beads, leaves and petals can be frozen by adding water to little containers. Little ones love whacking the ice, or pouring over warm water or salt to discover what's hiding! Adding food colouring or soil can make it even more exciting.
* Hidden clues, some of my favourite hiding places are - under loose bark, tied onto branches, in the soil, poking out behind flower pots and on top of gate posts. Indoors, behind cushions, in cubby holes and held by favourite teddies are fun places.
* A simple scavenger hunt is lots of fun, we're often to be found hunting for model animals, fairies or coloured stones!

I'd love to hear about your Little Adventures at home!

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